Jams From the Sun (Pyramidal & Domo Split LP)

by Pyramidal

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Mertsi Murmann
Mertsi Murmann thumbnail
Mertsi Murmann One of the first LPs I ordered when I bought my first turntable. Both songs are good, but Motormind is one of the greatest kraut crackers out there. Favorite track: Motormind.
Jonathan thumbnail
Jonathan This is superb psychedelic jamming, which leaves the listener in an Acid drenched altered state. Both jams complement one another beautifully and are a joy to listen to. One side note: Pyramidal and Domo are described in the liner notes as " two alicantinian bands". Being a stupid American, I had no idea the writer was referring to a place, Alicante, Spain. Instead, I looked up the urban dictionary definition of alicantinian , which means something altogether different. Killer music.
Charles Muccia
Charles Muccia thumbnail
Charles Muccia Absolutely 100% pure bad-ass space -rock psycho jams! Play it a lot and play it loud! Favorite track: Motormind.
Guillermo Martínez Miró
Guillermo Martínez Miró thumbnail
Guillermo Martínez Miró Magnificient, superb space music from and under a psychedelic sun. Favorite track: The Siren.


“Jams From the Sun” it’s the result of the latest live and improvised recording sessions of the two alicantinian bands Domo & Pyramidal. This split album contains the ups & downs of a psychedelic journey trought the master jamming mind, invoking the magnificient Sun till the darkness shows up.


released August 10, 2015

Live recorded & engineered 9th to 11th, January 2015 at EsMuAltea - Escola de Música i Dansa d'Altea (Alicante) by Daniel Montiel.

Mixed & mastered by Lluís Mas at Oriental Desert Studio Audio.

Also collaborate in this album:

Arantxa Marín: Tenor Sax on "The Siren".
Mireia Porto: Mesmerizing chantings on "The Siren".

Check out the Domo's side of the split on:



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